Ethnic man arrested for $2,300 meteorite scam in central Vietnam

TN News

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Police in Vietnam's Central Highlands arrested an ethnic minority Tuesday for cheating a woman, who believed she was purchasing part of a meteorite, out of more than US$2,300.

Y Wien Bdap, a 57-year-old local of Dak Lak Province, told a northern woman, only identified as Nguyen Thi L., that he could provide the rock from outer space last January.

They made a deal worth VND1 billion ($48,100) in which the man agreed to provide a four-centimeter long meteorite sliver.

The woman gave Wien VND20 million he said he needed to make "offerings to the gods." When he told her that the money had been robbed, he managed to get another VND28 million out of her.

L. contacted the police after she could not contact Wien on the phone.

In February, police in Ho Chi Minh City also detained two men from the Mekong Delta who cheated people of nearly $10,000 who thought they were purchasing meteorites that they could sell for $4.8 million each.

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