Endangered wildlife dealers arrested in southern Vietnam

TN News

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Police in Ho Chi Minh City on Monday arrested two locals to investigate their endangered wildlife trade.

Bang Tien Quan, 37, on December 13 was caught by police buying a tiger skeleton weighing 9.4 kilograms from Ha Van Nga, 39, for VND18 million (US$856).

Searches later at Nga's houses in Districts 12 and Cu Chi turned up a large amount of wildlife bones and processed animals, all from endangered species.

The items include six lion skeletons weighing between 7 to 50 kilograms, two tigers each around three kilograms soaked in wine, a tiger head, a bear skeleton, six pairs of bull horns, a rhinoceros horn, four pairs of elephant tusks, three elephant tails, five kilograms of monkey bones, and several fangs.

Tests by Vietnam Science and Technology have confirmed the items are all real.

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