Embassy moving Vietnamese out of typhoon-hit city in Philippines

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A cut scene from a Vietnam Television broadcast shows the family of Nguyen Phuoc (left) and Mai Thanh Huong (right) in Tacloban, Philippines

The Vietnamese embassy in the Philippines sent a delegation to deliver aid and cash to the two remaining Vietnamese families in the city of Tacloban, which was ravaged by super typhoon Haiyan.

That same day, a representative from Vietnam's foreign ministry said the group had asked the families to come to Ormoc, 50 kilometers southwest, to escape Tacloban's "worrisome security situation."

Nguyen Phuoc was stranded in Tacloban with his Filipino wife and a two-year-old child, while Mai Thanh  Huong with her husband.

Phuoc said in a Lao Dong report that there had been around 100 Vietnamese people in Tacloban, but they all left, as "they could not bear the lack of water, power and food."

"The typhoon had destroyed everything in this area... So people had tried to escape the city."

Phuoc used to run a small grocery shop, selling mostly on credit.

"Now that people have lost their homes, some even their lives, they have no way of paying me back."

The embassy has been arranged for typhoon victims to leave Ormoc for Cebu Province, around 130 kilometers to the southwest. As of Friday morning, around 20 Vietnamese had left Ormoc for Cebu by boat.

It said hotline numbers allowed it to contact a group of some 30 Vietnamese who were all in stable health in Biliran Province, 18.6 kilometers north of Leyte, the Philippines' hardest hit province, which includes Tacloban and Ormoc.

It said it has not received any information of casualties among the Vietnamese communities living in the central Philippines, where the super typhoon swept through and was believed to have caused some 10,000 deaths early this month.

They are all basically safe and the embassy is making efforts to reach out to more affected Vietnamese, it said.

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