Elephant tusks smuggled through northern Vietnam port

TN News

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Customs officials in Hai Phong on Monday were still counting the smuggled elephant tusks discovered on Friday last week.


The tusks were found among a shipment from Malaysia with 340 sacks weighing 22 tons. The sacks were labeled as containing jelly.


A source from the customs department, who wanted to remain unnamed, said officials have identified nine sacks each containing 30-90 kilograms of elephant tusks.


The recipient is a company based in Hai Phong, whose name has not been disclosed. The shipment arrived at a port in Hai Phong on Wednesday last week and was destined for export to a third country.


Earlier this month, the city's customs officials intercepted nearly two tons of elephant tusks smuggled on a Hong Kong boat through the northern port of Hai Phong. Last week, tons of smuggled pangolin scales were found in the city. The pangolin is considered as an endangered species.


The shipments were hidden in the same way as that of the latest case.


Authorities have launched further investigations.

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