Eight-and-a-half years for man who killed wife because she wore a knee-length skirt

Thanh Nien News

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Vu Trung Hieu, 41, receives eight and a half years' imprisonment at a trial in Hai Duong Province on Thursday. 
A court in northern Vietnam on Thursday sentenced a man to eight and a half years in jail for fatally beating his wife in a jealous rage in March this year.
Vu Trung Hieu, 41, was convicted of manslaughter by the People's Court of Hai Duong Province.
On March 29, Hieu, a former inspector at the State Treasury office in the province, punched and kicked his wife, Vu Thi Minh, repeatedly in her chest, abdomen and head until she passed out in their house in Hai Duong Town.
He rushed her to hospital, where she succumbed later the same day to severe injuries. Doctors said said she sustained 13 broken ribs and ruptures of the right ventricles and pleural menbrane.
Hieu said he was drunk and felt jealous and enraged when he saw Minh in a knee-length skirt, which he thought was too sexy. Minh, a 41-year-old bank clerk, had just returned from a friend's wedding party.
He claimed to have banned her from wearing skirts before the tragedy out of jealousy. Hieu, however, admitted that his wife "loved me and our two children so much."

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