Eight Vietnamese jailed for theft in Singapore

TN News

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Eight Vietnamese were sentenced Monday to between eight and 18 months in jail for stealing from Singaporean shops, The Strait Times reported.

The group five women and three men aged between 17 and 47 were found guilty of stealing cash, cellphones and other items worth more than SGD13,000 (US$10,158) from Singaporean shops last August.

A month earlier, the five women had got away with nearly SGD3,000 ($2,340). They returned to Singapore in mid August hoping to repeat a successful stealing spree but this time the gang, with three men included, was caught.

A Singaporean district court heard that some gang members would usually sneak behind the counter and steal the possessions of the shop's employees while the other accomplices would distract the sales staff of the shop with queries about the products. Another gang member would be stationed outside the shop to receive the stolen items.

Singaporean police studied the surveillance video from the shops, and seven gang members were arrested inside an unspecified shop. The eighth accomplice, Nguyen Van Hai, 44, who was stationed outside, managed to escape but was later arrested.

The police said 52 Vietnamese nationals had been arrested for theft in Singapore since May.

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