Drunken passenger fined for disrupting Vietnam Airlines flight

TN News

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A drunken Australian passenger was fined VND5 million (US$243) for disrupting a Vietnam Airlines flight on Wednesday, the national carrier said.

During the flight from Australia to Vietnam, Barnes Graeme screamed and hit a stewart, according to Vietnam Airlines.

Earlier, Graeme, 53, complained to the crewmembers he had a toothache and asked for a little wine to soothe his sleep.

He started screaming a few minutes later, and ignored a request by the attendants to keep silent. He threw his watch into the head of another Australian female passenger nearby.

He also hit a steward who tried to calm him down, according to Vietnam Airlines.

The captain reportedly ordered crewmembers to take him and his family to the separate cabin at the end of the plane.

As Graeme still screamed, the crewmembers tied his hands to the seat's back, Vietnam Airlines said.

After the plane landed at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Graeme admitted that he lost control because of sleeping pills' side effects combined with wine.

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