Drunken Hanoi customs official crashes into US embassy car

TN News

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A Hanoi customs official, thought to be drunk at the time, created a scene after crashing his car into a US embassy vehicle, threatening embassy security guards and police officers who arrived on the scene.

An Ninh Thu Do newspaper reported that at around 6:15 p.m. on March 16, Dang Quoc Dung, 56, deputy chief of the Ha Tay Customs Bureau, was driving a Toyota Innova on Lang Ha Street when he hit a car parked in front of the embassy and broke its rear-view mirror.

Dung pulled over, jumped out, and began to swear at the driver of the car who asked the embassy security guards to intervene.

Dung then turned on them, going up to the embassy gate and insulting them using abusive language.

When two traffic police officers showed up, Dung told them he was deputy chief of the Hanoi Customs Department and challenged them.

He smelt of alcohol, the police said, but refused to breathe into a breathalyzer and continued his tirade.

When the officers were writing a report, he repeatedly phoned friends.

Three of them turned up, also under the influence of alcohol, and threatened the officers as they prepared to tow away Dung's car.

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