Drunk cop fired shots to clear street gathering in northern Vietnam

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The drunk traffic cop caught brandishing his gun in a YouTube video had fired several shots into the air to scare a group of young men gathered on the street at night, investigators say.
Provincial police have identified the cop as Major Nguyen Xuan Hoa, the chief traffic police officer of Loc Binh District in Lang Son Province, which borders China.
The video was taken on the night of May 29 at a T-junction near a border gate, the district police leaders said in a report issued on June 2.
The report said Hoa behaved improperly, but his punishment has yet to be announced.
Loc Binh district police leaders have visited the young men’s families and asked them to forgive Hoa’s “mistakes,” according to Lao Dong newspaper.
Colonel Nong Van Dinh, the provincial police chief, said they will learn from the lesson and “strictly deal with officers who exhibit inappropriate language and behavior while on duty.”
Hoa and a subordinate were patrolling a highway when they spotted eight young men parking their motorbikes on the side of the road and stopping for a drink.
They demanded the group produce papers and go home.
Some conflicts occurred and Hoa began to swear. Then he drew his gun and fired shots in the air.
The video depicts him saying that he is drunk, so the group should behave or he'll fire more shots. He was seen pressing his gun into a member of the group.
Lang Son police are still investigating the matter.
The incident was first thought to occur in Thai Binh Province outside Hanoi based on several blurred details from the video, but Thai Binh police officers later denied those suspicions.

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