Drug smuggler nabbed after shooting cop

TN News

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A drug smuggler was arrested on Thursday morning after a harrowing chase through the northern Vietnamese province of Hoa Binh.

Vu Dinh Son, 38, was reportedly transporting 2.8 kilograms of heroin in the trunk of his Lexus when police attempted to pull him over. 

Son ignored repeated orders to pull over and blew past four police roadblocks, crashing through patrol vehicles on a 12 kilometer run that drew 100 pursuing officers.

Son finally abandoned his vehicle and fled into the forest, firing back at the police as they pursued him into the woods. One officer was reportedly struck by a bullet and injured.

Following Son's apprehension, police say they recovered an additional 700 grams of heroin from his home.

On May 18, a police officer in the Hoa Binh Province was killed and another was injured after a drug smuggler crashed his car into the pair's parked patrol car.

After the crash, the drug smuggler locked his car's doors and attempted to commit suicide. Police were able to smash his windows and apprehend him before he could succeed.

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