Drivers freak out as Vietnam now lets dummy cops watch its streets

Thanh Nien News

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 A dummy traffic cop on the street in the southern city of Can Tho. Photo credit: VnExpress
Police in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho have come up with a cheap, if not peculiar, way to force drivers to slow down on accident-prone highways. 
More than ten policeman dummies made of plastic and styrofoam are standing day and night at T-junctions, crossroads and crowded areas on two national highways in the city. 
They are basically life-size photos of a traffic officer holding a speed gun.
Somehow the unconventional law enforcement method works. 
Many drivers say after seeing the dummy cops, they slow down or return to the right lanes.
“The other night I was speeding and running on the opposite lane, then suddenly I saw a cop with the speed gun ahead. Luckily it was not a cop, but it still made me scared, so I slowed down,” Nguyen Van Tuan, a car driver, told news website VnExpress.
“It looks pretty much like a real cop, especially at night,” he said.
Le Quoc Phong, another local, said the dummy cops have well served as a reminder, as “motorbike races in the area have really reduced.”
Le Viet Trung, chief traffic officer of Thot Not, said the district has led the number of road crash fatalities in the city this year, so the district traffic authorities decided to introduce the dummies.
“And it has brought good results. Incidents of traffic violations have fallen a lot,” Trung said.
He said the district plans to put a total of 20 dummies on the street for around US$3,000.
“This is one of the awareness campaigns that costs very little. We’re going to expand it.”

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