Driver probed for forcing cop to cling outside while driving

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Binh Dinh police announced Tuesday they are investigating a 31-year-old man who is accused of ignoring a traffic police's order to pull over and driving away with the officer clinging on the car.

The driver, Ngo Tung Uy from the central province's Phu Cat District, could face charges of opposing government officials in the discharge of their duties.

The incident happened on July 22 when second lieutenant Nguyen Ho Dinh Phuoc found Uy illegally overtaking two other cars on a section of National Highway 1A.

Phuoc chased the car for more than five kilometers on his motorbike before he was able to stop Uy at a section of the highway in Dap Da Ward.

Uy refused to produce relevant papers and insulted the traffic policeman, and began driving away even as Phuoc was standing in front of his car, forcing the latter to cling on.

Other drivers who witnessed the scene chased after Uy and managed to stop him after about half a kilometer.

Uy continued to insult the policeman after he was stopped, but the passers by reported the matter to local police and assisted them in arresting him.

The crime of opposing government officials in the discharge of their public duties is punishable by jail terms of up to three years under Vietnam's Penal Code.

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