Driver burns truck when checked by police

TN News

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A driver from northern Vietnam set fire to the truck he was driving after local inspectors pulled him up for not having his vehicle registration papers.


The man, only identified as Tuyen, also did not have a bill for the corporate tax he was supposed to pay for the year 2010.


Police and the tax department of Giao Thuy District, Nam Dinh Province, where his car was registered, had summoned Tuyen in early December to pay the tax but he never showed up.


On December 17, Tuyen paid the tax for nine months, worth VND2.7 million (US$138), at a different district, Xuan Truong.


While checking his vehicle on December 30, Giao Thuy District police rejected his tax bill, saying the tax had not been submitted at the right location and was not fully paid.


The police are investigating further.

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