Dong Nai to relocate IZ, protect major river

TN News

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Dong Nai Province have announced a US$90 million plan to transform an old industrial zone to save a major river in the southern region.


The plan, expected to begin implementation early next year and last until 2022, will move businesses from the Bien Hoa 1 Industrial Zone to a new place and change their functions, Dong Nai People's Committee told businesses at meeting on  Wednesday, November 3.


Bien Hoa 1 occupies more than 323 hectares on the banks of the Dong Nai River, Vietnam's largest endogenous river which supplies water to millions of people in Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.


As the first industrial zone built in Vietnam in 1963, it only has individual waste treatment plants for 36 of the 96 businesses.


Others use a common system that discharges 15,000 cubic meters of untreated wastewater into the river every day.


The sewage contains ten to several hundred times the amount of pollutants permitted.


Local industrial zone development corporation Sonadezi will build another zone in Giang Dien District and move the firms there. The plan has been approved by the Prime Minister.


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