Dong Nai officials investigated for fighting police

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Police in the southern province of Dong Nai are investigating an inter-district brawl involving police and government officials.
A source from the police of Long Thanh District said they are collecting more evidence to build the case, Tuoi Tre newspaper reported on Monday.
The police have summoned Nguyen The Nam, Vo Thanh Canh, and Nguyen Hoang Dinh -- land management officials from Nhon Trach District -- for questioning.
They said the men ran out of a restaurant in Long Thanh and chased after a local female official named Pham Thi Oanh last Thursday afternoon.
When a traffic officer named Le Tran Ngoc An arrived at the scene, they allegedly snatched his gun and name tag.
An said the Nhon Trach officials were chasing Oanh to seize her camera after she took photos of them in the restaurant.
Vietnamese law bars officials from drinking during working hours. 
He said nearly 20 officials arrived at the restaurant in a 30-seat bus that broke several manhole covers at the stadium next to the seafood restaurant where the fight began.
When Oanh and several officials arrived at the site acting on local complaints, they couldn't find the bus so they decided to take photos of the officials instead.
They planned to track down the bus at a later time. 
When An and other cops tried to stop the officials from chasing after Oanh, Nam and Canh apparently insulted them, he said.
Canh snatched An’s name tag and passed it on other officials. The tag has since been lost.
Nam allegedly jumped into the fight with An and other cops.
“When I asked the officials to stop and warned them that we had guns, Nam jumped onto me and seized my gun,” An said.
Canh also exposed his bare chest and challenged him to shoot. “You think you’re good with a gun. If you’re good, shoot me,” An quoted Canh as saying.
“Dinh challenged and insulted the police as they prepared an incident report,” he said.
Nam and Canh have confirmed An’s story and admitted that their assault was illegal.
They had stopped in to the restaurant after an official training.

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