Dog thieves switch from motorcycles to cars in southern Vietnam

Thanh Nien News

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The three dog thieves and their car. Photo credit: Nguoi Lao Dong

Police in Binh Duong Province near Ho Chi Minh City arrested Tuesday three dog thieves who drove a car, instead of motorcycles as usual, and threw chili powder into police while being chased after, Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper reported. 
Tran Anh Thuan, Pham Quoc Cuong, both 25, and Lam Doan Huy, 23, were arrested early on Tuesday at a coffee shop near a car wash store where their car was being washed. 
Earlier that morning the trio drove the car to Binh Duong's capital town of Thu Dau Mot and Ben Cat Municipality and stole three dogs. They sold the animals for VND2.7 million (US$125) soon afterwards. 
While drinking coffee after committing the crime, they were arrested by local police, who were tipped by a local resident. 
Three days earlier, the trio drove the car on My Phuoc-Tan Van Highway in Binh Duong and stole some dogs. After being chased after by provincial police, they threw chili powder into the officers. 
They successfully fled the scene. 
The dog thieves confessed to police they used home-made tasers to catch the dogs. They stole 3-5 dogs each night.
Dog theft is rampant in Vietnam, where many people view the animals’ meat as good, if not healthful, food.
Under Vietnamese laws, dog thieves only face criminal charge when the stolen dogs are valued at VND2 million (around US$100) or above – the threshold for criminal charges.

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