Dog thief suspects crash into truck, 3 dead dogs found

Thanh Nien News

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Police investigate the scene of an accident on Tuesday in Da Nang City. Three dead dogs and some dog poison are found in a bag carried with the two victims, police say.

A bag containing three dead dogs and some poison were found at the scene of a motorbike crash that seriously injured two men in Da Nang City on Tuesday.
The two men were unconscious after their bike hit a truck in Hai Chau District at 8 a.m., and were rushed to hospital.
As they cleared the scene, police found the dead dogs and poison.
A representative of Me Linh Transport Company in Hai Chau District later confirmed to the police that the canines were his company's guard dogs. 
The police suspected that the two men, who are being treated for head injuries, had poisoned and stole the dogs in order to sell them to dog meat restaurants.

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