Dog thief suspect shot to death in central Vietnam

By Tri Binh - Bao Van, Thanh Nien News

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The Binh Dinh Province police are looking for a man who allegedly killed a person and injured another man with a sports gun early Friday thinking they were dog thieves.
The police said Nguyen Hoai Nam, 22, was driving a motorbike on a section of Provincial Road 636 with Nguyen Chi Hoa, 23, at the back when an unidentified person in a passing car shot at them.
Hoa fell off and cried for help, and some locals took him to a hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.
Nam drove away when Hoa was shot and crashed not far away. Doctors at Binh Dinh General Hospital said he had sustained a liver injury that was consistent with by a bullet shot.
Nam's relatives claimed he and Hoa were not dog thieves, and Nam had asked Hoa to hang around that night after having an argument with his wife.
But a source told Thanh Nien that the police found tools for snaring animals at the spot where Nam had crashed.
Dao Thanh Long of the An Nhon town police said they found a shell from a sports gun.
“The victim was shot in his back. We are hunting for the suspect in the car.”
With the dog-meat trade not regulated, dog thefts are common in Vietnam.

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