Dog thief shoots down Vietnamese official

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A Bac Ninh Province government official was allegedly shot to death early Tuesday morning by a dog thief whom he chased after.

At around 6 a.m. Nguyen Trung Hieu, 30, an official at the People's Committee office, tied his dog to a tree in front of his house, and went inside for some chores. Soon afterwards he heard the dog yelping, and rushed outside where he saw two men on a motorbike grabbing the animal and fleeing.

Hieu cried for help and ran after them. One of the men took out a gun and shot him.

Neighbors took Hieu to hospital, but it was too late.

The Bac Ninh police are hunting for the suspects.

On the same day residents in Nghe An Province's Nghi Loc District beat a dog thief until he passed out.

Some people saw two men on a motorbike with a large bag and a snaring pole, and begin to chase after them.

The two took out knives to attack the people but by then hundreds had surrounded them.

One of the two men, Pham Van Kieu, 22, was beaten up, but the other man escaped.

The angry locals burned their bike to ashes before the police arrived to take Kieu to hospital. They also seized a bag with three dogs inside and the snaring pole.


Dog theft is common in Vietnam, with the dogs sold for VND60,000 VND120,000 (US$3-6) per kilogram to restaurants or slaughterhouses for food.

There have been many deaths in confrontations between thieves and the owners. Many say fines are not enough and dog thieves should be treated as criminals.

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