Diageo Vietnam empowers female hospitality workers

By Hoang Dung, -

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Diageo Vietnam in partnership with Kenan Institute Asia has recently hold a function at Melia Hanoi Hotel to announce results of a training program implemented under the “Building Interpersonal Skills for Female Hospitality Workers in Vietnam” project.
This is a part of Diageo’s Plan W – the long-term commitment to the community throughout the Asia Pacific region. The event welcomed representatives from the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the Hanoi Tourism Department, the Vietnam Tourism Association, the Hanoi Tourism College, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, and luxury hotels, as well as program participants and press.
Diageo Vietnam announces the results of the training program under the “Building Interpersonal Skills for Female Hospitality Workers in Vietnam” project. Photo: Quốc Bình 
As part of the program, Diageo and Kenan conducted 20 training courses between April and May 2016 to empower 700 female hospitality workers from 12 high-end hotels in Hanoi. Pre- and post-training evaluations were conducted with all participants to effectively measure the program’s results and achievements. Evaluation results showed that 94 percent of the participants were satisfied with the training and their interpersonal skills improved by 42 percent with respect to problem solving, 36 percent with respect to communications and 37 percent with respect to team building.
The trainings have helped improve workplace performance and promote the psychological well-being of female hospitality workers by developing participants’ interpersonal skills, which included teamwork, problem-solving and effective communication. In addition, participants have increased their awareness on DRINKiQ, which is a responsible drinking initiative being implemented by Diageo in collaboration with relevant ministries and agencies in Vietnam.
 Mr Le Viet Dung, Corporate Relation Director of Diageo Vietnam, delivers his speech at the function. Photo: Quốc Bình
Shivam Misra, General Director of Diageo Vietnam, said: “While we can be proud of the positive impact which the project has delivered in the last four years, this continuous progress also reminds us that much work lies ahead of us. Sustainable growth can only be achieved if there is equality for women and men. However, many women in Vietnam still face gender-related constraints that limit their productivity”. Shivam Misra added: “Empowering women to create a positive ripple effect would significantly impact their families, communities, villages and even nations. We will continue our Plan W journey in empowering women in achieving their dreams in both work and life”.
Feedback from senior leaders of the hotels whose staff participated in the trainings is encouraging. Mr. Andrew Nisbet, General Manager of Hilton Hanoi Opera and Hilton Garden Inn said: “The skills that our employees have learnt not only enabled them to have greater autonomy in their personal lives but also enhanced their abilities in achieving in developing their careers.”
Diageo, Kenan and their hotel partners are proud of what the training program has achieved. Mr. Richard Bernhard, Executive Director of Kenan, said at the closing event: “The results simply demonstrate the positive impact the trainings have made on participants, increasing their specific awareness of critical workplace challenges, as well as providing them with the tools to effectively manage them”.
 Diageo, Kenan and hotel partners are proud of what the training program has achieved. Photo: Quoc Binh
Diageo Vietnam is a company with 100 percent of its capital owned by Diageo Plc., a global leader in the alcoholic beverage industry. Sustainability and responsibility are part of the long term strategy of Diageo in all of the markets in which it is present - including Vietnam. Diageo actively builds a stable environment by collaborating with government partners, enterprises and non-governmental organizations. Social responsibility and its benefits are considered top priorities of Diageo. In 2012, it launched Plan W to empower women through learning, with a wide range of initiatives implemented so far, including interpersonal skills training, supporting women-focussed social enterprises, empowering women through training and micro loans to set up micro businesses to sell sanitation infrastructure and improve community health.
Kenan Institute Asia is a knowledge and capacity building organization implementing results-oriented, social and economic development programming on a not-for-profit basis with its headquarters based in Bangkok. In Vietnam, Kenan has implemented projects in corporate social responsibility, leadership capacity building for women and community health. In last 18 months alone, Kenan in Vietnam has provided services to 11,470 direct beneficiaries.

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