Deported Vietnamese workers want to return to UAE

TN News

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More than 100 Vietnamese workers gathered at a labor export company in Hanoi on June 22 to protest against being sent home from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) earlier than scheduled.

The workers said they were forced to return home in April after having been sent abroad early this year for a three-year term to work as security guards by Labor Export, Trade and Tourism Company (TTLC) in Hanoi and other labor brokers in Vietnam.

They said they wanted to continue working in the UAE as per the contract.

Nguyen Thi Van, vice director of TTLC, said they were responsible for only 22 of more than 100 workers and that the rest had signed contracts with other labor brokers including Petromaning and Solavico.

She said their 22 workers were among 470 that were sent home from the UAE for involvement in a fight and most of the workers that TTLC had sent abroad were retired soldiers.

TTLC and the other two firms have agreed to pay the workers all the money they borrowed from the bank to pay the brokering firms but many did not accept this and instead wanted to continue working abroad. The workers have borrowed $900 from the Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank for brokering and relevant fees.

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