Delta riches while away the days mess about on boats with women

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Many men in Vietnam's Mekong Delta region are getting rich so fast and they have spent money on the most luxurious funs possible.


Living in the land of rivers, their favorite fun is to rent a boat, or buy one themselves, and get drunk from rivers to rivers with local fresh seafood and pretty local girls aboard, the Tuoi Tre said in a recent report.


That kind of fun is more private than going to pubs or the like, the insiders said.


Most of the men got rich from a couple years ago as the local tra fish (pangagius) earned farmers bumping crops and each family could afford a speedboat.


From the rivers


The boat has been turned for first purpose as transport to be the pubs on the rivers by many big farmers or bosses of the fish processors.


These men do not anchor to have fun at one place. They would move after less than ten bottles of beer.


A rich man named Song Tu from the delta's capital Can Tho uses one of his riverside villas as the final destination for his friends during a fun series on the rivers.


Tu stores many wild products at home like bear bile and he has a machine to grind rhino horns for those who get too drunk.


"There're a lot of troubles going out," he said, cited by the Tuoi Tre.


"If you want few people know, just go home, close your doors and drink. You can sing and dance and call as many girls to come as you want."


The girls chosen have to be locals and they would be preferred if they can perform some traditional arts.



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Usually the rich men would bring hairdressers, nail makers, factory workers who earn much more by joining the fun than working hard at their jobs.


Some men can invite local singers or some entertainers from Ho Chi Minh City.


They call the girls "ecological girls", or "clean vegetables" to distinguish them with professional sex workers.


That's "fashion" now, insiders said.


Duc Ho, head of a leading contractor in Can Tho and nearby province such as Hau Giang and Soc Trang, prefers students from local colleges.


Each student will be paid VND1-2 million every time drinking with him. Some favorite students get monthly payment of VND4-5 million, or houses and expensive motorbikes.


A girl named Tran Thi Loan said she earned VND1.6 million a month for her garment factory but she could get between VND500,000 and VND1 million each time going with rich men for a drink.


Loan makes the extra income three to four nights a week.


"It depends on you to make the drink dirty or not. If you don't want to have sex, no one can force you. There're just drinking and singing, it's fun," the 21-year-old said.


But that's not the same story from Tinh, a big investor in fish feed in An Giang Province, who loves "girls more than 35 years old, who are either widow or have left their husbands, as they would be more open and experienced."


To naked beaches


Early this year, a group of real estate investors from Can Tho went to Phu Quoc Island, coming to deserted beaches to have naked bath with girls from the island.


A Phu Quoc taxi driver name Thanh said that many men visiting Phu Quoc have asked him to find them local girls to go to the beach with them as they want to try "Phu Quoc specialty."


Thanh keeps contacts of more than 30 local girls who can be available for the service for between VND500,000-1 million, depending how pretty they are and what they have to do during the bath.


Le Sac, a Can Tho farmer coming rich from tra fish, said he rents a boat to Phu Quoc every couple weeks.


There're nearly 20 numbers in his cell phones which are providers of local girls, who would be brought to him at deserted beaches at smaller islands around Phu Quoc.


Most of these girls can drink well and swim well.


Besides payments, the girls are sometimes rewarded with pearls famous from the island.


Lan, a girl who once got earrings and a necklace with pearls, said "They're VND1.5 million totally. For a whole day being cold."


Tuong, a chef on a cruiser in Phu Quoc, said that every week, there are groups of rich men, not only from the Mekong Delta but HCMC as well, go to the island to have naked bath with local girls.


And there's usually more than the naked bath, the chef said.


Huynh Quang Hung, vice chairman of Phu Quoc Island District, told the Tuoi Tre that the district does not allow naked bath at local beaches but he has heard a lot about them recently.


The activity happened "stealthily" so local authorities have not discovered any of them, Hung said.


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