Delta hospital under fire again after boy's death

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The family of a teenager has lodged a complaint against the Can Tho City General Hospital for its doctors' negligence which they claim led to his death.

On November 14 Pham Minh Nhut, 16, a local boy, fought with a schoolmate, Thach Huynh Mai, and was stabbed in his left temple with a knife.

He was rushed to the hospital where doctors provided first aid and stitched up the wound.

He was discharged the following day. But on November 19 he developed a terrible headache and passed out. He was admitted to another hospital, where doctors said Nhut had a clot in the temporal lobe in his brain.

He succumbed to the injury three days later.

The family said in the complaint that the doctors of the Can Tho City General Hospital were responsible for Nhut's death since they failed to examine him carefully and did not perform a scan which would have detected the clot.

The local police said they were investigating.

The hospital is also being probed after a woman's family accused one of its doctors of removing both her kidneys, putting her life at risk.

Hua Cam Tu, 37, was admitted on December 1 after fluid collected in her left kidney. Her right kidney was functioning normally.

A group of doctors led by Dr. Tran Van Nguyen performed a key-hole surgery to drain the fluid.

Nguyen Thien Tri, Tu's husband, said he had given permission for the surgery on his wife and for the surgeons to remove the affected kidney if required.

Tu's family was told the surgery was successful but her body swelled up the following day. Tri said an ultrasound scan showed Tu had neither kidney left.

When Tri asked about it, Dr. Nguyen said the surgeons were forced to remove Tu's good kidney too because of an unexpected situation during the operation. Nguyen claimed she bled profusely and since she had a rare condition horseshoe kidney, in which the nerves of her kidneys are stuck together - it was impossible to stem the bleeding.

Tri complained to the hospital, which led to Dr. Nguyen's suspension. The city Department of Health has set up a committee to investigate.

Tu has since been on dialysis. Some kind-hearted people have contacted her and offered to donate a kidney.

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