Da Nang raises traffic cops' salary in anti-graft move

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Traffic police officers and inspectors in the central city of Da Nang will receive increased emoluments as authorities strive to tackle bribery and other forms of corruption.

Traffic police officers working at four stations in the city's major entrances of Hoa Phuoc, Hoa Hoai, Hoa Nhon and Kim Lien will receive a monthly support of VND5 million (US$241) per person, in addition to their monthly salary.

Traffic inspectors, meanwhile, will be supported with VND2 million per month.

In addition, inspectors and patrolling traffic officers will receive ten percent of the fines they issue against traffic breaches.

Police officers will be assigned in turns to the city entrance's stations every quarter.

In Vietnam, police officers in the lower ranks typically receive a monthly salary of around VND2 million ($96.5).

The new policy favoring Da Nang traffic police officers and inspectors was issued following an instruction given last month by the city's Party general secretary Nguyen Ba Thanh an official famous for coming up with bold solutions.

Thanh instructed Da Nang police to install cameras at roadside police stations to monitor their work and discourage corruption.

"There should be no corruption after their monthly income is increased. If they do otherwise, they should be dismissed and punished," he said.

"Traffic police should be strictly prohibited from pulling over vehicles just to receive "˜lucky money'."

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