Da Nang hotelier arrested for fatal DUI hit-and-run

By Nguyen Tu, Thanh Nien News

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 The BMW that caused the fatal crash in Da Nang. Photo: Nguyen Tu
Police in the central city of Da Nang said Monday they had arrested a man for allegedly crashing his car into a motorbike, killing a woman, and then fleeing the scene.
Tran Duc Quoc Anh, 32, who owns a hotel in Da Nang, was drunk at the time he caused the crash, according to police.
At around 9 p.m. on Sunday Anh drove his BMW sedan on Thuan Phuoc Bridge to go back to his hotel after drinking with his friends.
He reportedly drove “very fast” and crashed into the motorbike driven by Huynh Dinh Sanh, 22, with Tong Bich Huong, 21, riding on the back.
Anh did not stop, dragging the bike and the two victims around 62 meters along the ground before stopping.
As it was dark and raining, and no one was around, Anh fled the scene, leaving the victims behind.
Huong was then found dead and Sanh seriously injured.
Anh told police he was “terrified” after the crash and drove his BMW back to his hotel to hide it.
Some nearby residents reported to police they saw a speeding car on the bridge at the time of the crash. Based on the tipoff, police tracked down Anh.

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