Da Nang animals charity accused of selling dogs to restaurants

By Dieu Hien, Thanh Nien News

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A dog under care at Da Nang Dogs and Cats Information and Rescue Station, according to the center's Facebook page. A dog under care at Da Nang Dogs and Cats Information and Rescue Station, according to the center's Facebook page.


Police in Da Nang are looking into the management of a cats and dogs rescue center as the founder said he killed and sold some of them to restaurants, citing budget pressure.
Vu Van Chinh made the statement on Facebook on Friday, a day after some members of Da Nang Dogs and Cats Information and Rescue Station posted on its Facebook page that they found out the charity unit was actually a fraud and all the dogs and cats rescued were for sale.
Chinh, 24, said he only sold several dogs and cats due to the pressure to find enough money to maintain the center, which he started two years ago.
The center is introduced as a non-profit organization that takes care of cats and dogs which are abandoned or poorly treated by owners, offering them to adopters. Some were rescued from slaughterhouses.
But the center seems to have lost its track since “there were too many of them,” Chinh said in the Facebook status.
“I could not afford to cover the medical expenses for all the sick ones. I had to give some of them injections to help them die. I sold some valuable ones for people to raise as pets… I had to push some into dog meat restaurants after I waited too long and no one adopted them,” it said.
It is not clear how many cats and dogs the center has "rescued" but the members said Chinh would sell them away soon after that, sometimes as many as ten dogs a day.
But Chinh said he only sold and killed around 20 dogs and cats in total. He also admitted to having used violence against the animals often to keep them from being too noisy or messy. He said he was afraid that neighbors’ complaints would cause the authorities to shut down the center.
He said he had big ambitions for the center but his financial capability is limited.
But Nguyen Hoang Duong, a former manager who helped shed light into the issue, told Thanh Nien the center receives donations from a lot of people.
He said the center’s spending has not been clear and the authorities should look into it.
Duong said Chinh has disappeared for several days. Police have not been able to call him, while the center has been closed.
“We will continue trying to get in touch with him and deal with this case as anger has spilled over the wider public,” a Da Nang police officer said.
The center has been a popular one with more than 30,300 fans on Facebook.

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