Da Lat waterfall to be freed of dredged waste

TN News

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The investor of a lake-dredging project in the resort town of Da Lat said it would change the site for dumping waste mud after receiving complaints that it had made the famous Prenn Waterfalls muddy.

Nguyen Minh Son, head of Da Lat Construction Project Management Board, said his agency would dump the mud dredged from Xuan Huong Lake at some other places in the town instead of the Mimoza Pass, two kilometers from the waterfall, Vietnam News Agency reported Friday.

Earlier this month, Company 508 and Song Than Company, which are in charge of dredging the lake following the board's request, dumped the mud at the pass. Heavy rains then washed it into streams that run down to the waterfall, making the water muddy and smelly.

The dumping had not only affected the waterfall but was also taking a toll on about 150 farmers living near the Lang Spring along the pass as water from the spring was the only source of irrigation for their flower and vegetable gardens.

Son said his agency planned to dump 395,000 cubic meters of mud at Mimoza Pass but it received complaints after dumping only around 20,000 cubic meters.

"We are also building a dam at the pass to stop the mud from flowing to the waterfall," he said.

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