Customs officers seize undeclared $105,000 from passenger at Vietnam airport

TN News

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Custom officers at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City seized US$105,000 from a passenger who did not declare the money as required by law on Monday .

Dinh Tom, a 35-year-old American national got off a plane from South Korea to HCMC with $110,000 in his luggage.

Custom officers at the Tan Son Nhat Airport noticed that he was acting "unusually" and checked his luggage.

They confiscated $105,000 and gave him back $5,000.

According to a circular issued by the State Bank of Vietnam, individual travelers are allowed to carry more than $5,000, or other foreign currencies of the equivalent value, and VND15 million ($720) when entering or exiting Vietnam. However, travelers must declare the money at customs.

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