Cross-country train collides with truck injuring three

TN News

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Three people were injured when a transnational train collided with a 20-ton truck in the northern province of Ha Nam Friday.

The collision occurred around 8 a.m. in Tan Tien Commune.

Witnesses said the train carrying roughly 350 people ploughed the truck full of sand over 20 meters down the line. Three cargo cars derailed.

Ha Quoc Hung, chief of Hanoi Gas Station, said the truck driver and his subordinate were rushed to hospital along with the train's driver. Hung added that the passengers were transferred to cars and driven to Hanoi.

The accident caused another three trains to be delayed for between one and two hours, according to Hung.

Pham Van Binh, chief of Vietnam Railway Traffic Safety Committee, said the crash occurred at an illegally opened crossing.

Local authorities should be held responsible for the accident, because they failed to properly manage the crossing, according to Thanh Van Thanh, chief of the National Traffic Safety Committee.

According to Thanh, a recent inspection showed that 1,140 crossings have been opened illegally across the country.

The commission has cooperated with Roads and Railway Traffic Police and local governments in tackling the problem, but outlaws across the country continue to break official barriers and open new crossings.

An investigation into the accident's cause is now underway.

Last month northern Vietnam recorded three collisions between trains, cars and motorbikes. The spate of wrecks claimed six lives and seriously injured two.

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