Cross-border drug kingpin caught in southern Vietnam

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Narcotics squad officers from the Ministry of Public Security have arrested the leader of a cross-border drug trafficking ring in Ho Chi Minh City, police said Monday.


Nguyen Ba Thuy, the 42-year-old ring leader from Hanoi, was caught smoking heroin at a company in the city with the firm's director Nguyen The Huan.


More than 340 grams of rock heroin was seized on the spot.


The police raided several places frequented by Thuy after they arrested several of his delivery men who were carrying heroin and ecstasy tablets.


Thuy told the police that he had led the trafficking operation of synthesized and rock heroin from Cambodia to HCMC, and from China to Hanoi.


Two arrrest warrants had been issued against him.


While hiding from the police in the central beach town of Nha Trang, Thuy managed to produce rock heroin on his own but he was caught before starting production in HCMC.


Investigations into Thuy's operations started early last year after the ministry's narcotics squad police and their counterparts in HCMC busted several drug trafficking rings and all the leaders mentioned Thuy as their supplier.


One of Thuy's customers, Pham Thi Phuc, 39, was arrested last year. Phuc told the police that she hait d gone to Cambodia many times to buy heroin from Thuy and then sold in Vietnam to Nguyen Manh Hoa, who was also arrested last year.


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