Crime gang leader arrested in Vietnam's Mekong Delta

TN News

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Police in the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu have arrested a man believed to be the leader of a local criminal gang and confiscated several illegal weapons.


The police raid netted four guns, grenades and hundreds of bullets among other things at the residence and workplace of 43-year-old Thach Quang.


Quang, who had many previous convictions for causing public disorder and deliberately injuring others, is also said to have led his gang's work as racketeers.


After arresting Quang on Tuesday, the police also detained Tran Van Hung, 34, and Nguyen Nguyen, 44, for illegal possession of weapons.


Three other people in Quang's gang were arrested earlier for extorting property, deliberately injuring others and illegal possession of weapons.


Further investigation is underway into the case, police said.


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