Court official suspended in fraud probe

TN News

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The People's Court in the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu Wednesday suspended one of its officials for investigating charges he cheated and appropriated VND5 million (US$239) from a local woman.


Tran Kim Long, a court investigator, was caught red-handed Monday receiving the money from Thai My Linh, who informed police in advance of the illegal transaction.


According to initial information, Long, 60, kept asking Linh to pay him, saying that he had helped her get approval for an appeal hearing last month regardling a land dispute she was having with Le Kim Phuong.


Two previous judgements have gone against Linh, police said.


Tran Hung Dung, chief of Bac Lieu People's Court, said Long, who was in charge of supervising hearings of districts' courts and advising his seniors on the merits of applications asking to appeal verdicts, was not assigned to work on Linh's lawsuit.


The case is now under investigation.

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