Couple faces charges for smuggling fake money over Chinese border

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Police in southern Vietnam have suggested a Chinese man and a Vietnamese woman be charged with trafficking counterfeit currency after allegedly bringing fake Yuan notes worth US$25,300 into Vietnam.

The case was transferred to Dong Nai prosecutors Sunday, saying Luo Zhen Bin and his Vietnamese lover Dang Thi Lien had already spent over a quarter of the illegal money.

The couple primarily sold the fake Yuan notes to gold shops in Dong Nai and neighboring Binh Duong Province.

If convicted, the couple could be punished with ten years in jail or because the sum of the counterfeit currency exceeds VND50 million, might even be sentenced to death, according to Vietnam's Penal Code.

Investigations found Luo began trafficking counterfeit currency after crossing the border repeatedly, acquainting himself with counterfeiters in China.

Luo had smuggled fake currency across the border three times between last July and this January, according to investigators.

Police said Luo's bills were sophisticated forgeries that would have been difficult for even professional currency counters to recognize as counterfeit.

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