Couple face heroin trafficking charges in Vietnam

TN News

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Vietnamese police on Tuesday asked supreme prosecutors to press charges against a Nigerian and his Vietnamese wife for trafficking nearly a kilo of heroin.

Micheal Ikenna Nduanya, 33, was arrested in Ho Chi Minh City December last year after police apprehended his wife Nguyen Thi Hai Anh, 33, at Mien Dong Bus Station. The pregnant monther of one was discovered to be carrying the heroin. Their son is two years old.

Anh said she had been instructed to transport the heroin to Hanoi under Nduanya's order.

Nduanya told the police that a man from Nigeria named Chika had asked him to join an organization that was trafficking heroin to China via Vietnam. Chika had smuggled the drug from India through Cambodia, he said. Nduanya had it brought to Ho Chi Minh City.  His wife was supposed to take it to Hanoi and then China.

The husband said he got paid US$2,000 to fetch the heroin in question from Cambodia. A Nigerian named Agu had been making the trip to Cambodia until he came under suspicion by Cambodian police.  Nduanya sent his pregnant Vietnamese wife to take over the job, he said.

Investigators found Anh had gone to Cambodia four times last year to fetch heroin from an African woman. 

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