Counter-terrorism exercise conducted at southern airport

TN News

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Hundreds of soldiers and police officers participated in a counter-terrorism exercise at Ho Chi Minh City's Tan Son Nhat Airport on Friday, VnExpress reported.


This is the second time that an exercise has been conducted at the international airport in Vietnam this month, the news source said.


The latest exercise was based on a scenario in which a group of eight armed terrorists seized control of the southern city's Air Traffic Control Center, which coordinates long-distance flights.


In the scenario, the terrorists demanded a ransom of US$500,000, a helicopter and the release of their accomplices whom had been arrested in a previous riot. 


According to VnExpress, 225 officers and soldiers operating 30 vehicles took part in the exercise.


It quoted a representative from the airport as saying that another, larger exercise has been planned for this December 12.


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