Cornered robbery suspect hacked police, jumped to his death: police

By Van Dong, Thanh Nien News

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A still from a video clip shows a man, believed to be a suspect in two robberies last week, standing on the roof of a house in Nam Dinh Province. He refused to give in to the police, attacked them with a knife and then jumped down from the roof. 
A taxi robbery suspect injured a police officer before jumping off the roof of a two-storey house in northern Vietnam while he was fighting the cops' attempt to arrest him early on Oct. 1.
He fell to the ground, and was unconscious when he was rushed to Nam Dinh General Hospital, according to police of Nam Dinh City.
The suspect, identified as Phan Van Tinh, 25, succumbed to fatal brain and neck injuries in Nam Dinh General Hospital on Friday afternoon, the police said.
The officer injured in the arrest, Major Vu Thanh Nam, was taken to a hospital in Hanoi where doctors succeeded in repairing the severed flexor tendons in two of his fingers. 
Nguyen Thi Lan, 20, was accused of abetting Phan Van Tinh in two robberies last week.
According to the police of Nam Dinh, Tinh and an accomplice, identified as Nguyen Thi Lan, 20, allegedly robbed two taxi drivers at knifepoint in Nam Dinh last week.
On Sep. 24, they robbed an iPhone and VND500,000 from Tran Dac Phi, a Mai Linh taxi driver, before tying him up and stuffing him in the trunk of the car in Nam Dinh.
A day later, they attempted to rob Nguyen The Phuong, a taxi driver of Sao Mai Group, but Phuong managed to escape.
Police investigators on Sep. 30 found Lan and Tinh hiding in a guest house in the city and launched a raid into the facility. 
Lan was arrested, but Tinh managed to escape and ran into another house in the neighborhood.
The house owner, Pham Van Thuan, told Thanh Nien that after entering the house late on Sep. 30, Tinh pulled out a syringe and injected a substance into his left arm.
Later tests at the hospital found that Tinh was positive with heroin.
After injecting himself, Tinh took a chopper from the kitchen and climbed up to the roof of the house, Thuan said.
A chopper, a crowbar and a syringe that the police said were used by Phan Van Tinh.
When the police surrounded the house and asked him to surrender, Tinh resisted and threw rocks and bricks at them.
Even when his brother Phan Van Tien and uncle Doan Van Dat tried to persuade him to give up, Tinh refused to.
According to Tien, Tinh told him that "people only die once," and asked him to "take care of mother for me" and "bring a can of milk to my son sometimes."
Tinh reportedly had a three year old son who is living with his divorced wife.
At 4.20 a.m. on Oct. 1, when a team of five police officers attempted to approach Tinh through a small roof door, he used the knife to hack them and injured Major Nam.
He tried to slash them a few more times before accidentally dropping the knife.
Tinh then jumped from the roof down to the yard of the house and fell unconscious. The police rushed him to Nam Dinh General Hospital where he died a day later.
According to the police, Tinh had served time after being convicted of  drug possession.

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