Cops detained by crime suspect in central Vietnam

TN News

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Four police officers from the Central Highlands' Gia Lai Province were kept in custody for hours Saturday by a local wood processor while they were investigating a fatal accident in which the firm's driver was involved.


Employees of Truong Thanh Company in nearby Dak Lak Province only let the police go after local police and prosecutors came and threatened them of severe consequences.


Nguyen Quoc Toan, a driver at the company had caused a traffic accident the previous week in Gia Lai that left one person dead. He fled to Dak Lak was arrested later.


The police officers were escorting company Toan back to Gia Lai when Toan asked them to stop by the company so that he could take some more people to visit the dead person's family.


But when the police entered the company office, the gate was closed and the employees refused to let the cops go.


Senior lieutenant Nguyen Van Long told Thanh Nien on Sunday that the company had detained people illegally and would have to face legal consequences.


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