Cops among 11 Vietnamese arrested for gambling in communal temple

By Linh Linh, Thanh Nien News

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 Members of a gambling den are handcuffed in Hai Phong on Monday morning. Photo: CTV

Two police officers and a Party official were among those who were caught gambling inside a communal temple of a village in the northern port city of Hai Phong on Monday. 
Police said they came in to check the communal temple, a gathering place for all members in the local community, and found 11 playing xoc dia.
This is an illegal game usually played with four coins in four different colors. Players bet on a combination of colors of their choice. 
Dinh Van Thoang, 43, head of a local police station and another officer Dinh Van Dien, 42, were among the players.
Pham Van Anh, 43, a grassroots-level Party official, who had just hosted a meeting at the communal temple on the same morning, was also caught joining the game.
Police seized a total of VND10 million in cash at the site.
Police said they had received reports from locals who witnessing some officials launching a party after the morning meeting. The party soon turned into a gambling event. 

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