Cops accused of assaulting motorist suspended in Vietnam capital

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Hanoi police said Sunday they have suspended three police officials who have been placed under investigation as the result of allegations that they severely injured a traffic violator.

Tran Thuy, deputy director of the capital city police, said the three have been replaced by other officers for their alleged involvement in an assault on Nghiem Duy Hoang, 23, who is currently hospitalized.

Hoang said one officer in the team had beaten his face with a club, causing broken bones, when he was attempting to flee the cops on his motorbike on March 14.

He said he was driving on the wrong side of the road without a crash helmet. Fearing being fined, he turned and sped away despite being signaled to stop.

But an officer was in front of him and hit him with the club to stop him. He drove a little more after the blow but could not control himself and fell, slamming his face on a street divider before passing out, Hoang said.

He said he remembered having another officer strike him in the side with an electric club.

Officers from the road and railway department of Hanoi police however said that Hoang fell on his own while trying to escape.

They said the motorbike Hoang was driving is of dubious origin, inferring that he might be a motorbike thief.

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