Cops accused of assaulting man in central Vietnam

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A senior police officer and his inferiors in Xuan Truong Commune, Lam Dong Province have been accused of attacking a local man.

Van Duc Ngan, 38, a Xuan Truong local, told Thanh Nien in a complaint that he saw communal police pull over an old neighbor at around 8 p.m. and there was a quarrel, so he asked them to show mercy for the old man and not behave badly towards him.

Ngan said he then went to eat noodles at a shop in front of the communal police station. When he finished and left the eatery, Nguyen Tien Sy, head of the Xuan Truong police department, and five other police officers approached, held and handcuffed him, telling him that he was arrested for "opposing to on-duty officers."

"Sy ordered his inferiors to pull me to the police station and take turns hitting me," he said, claiming that Sy electrocuted him with an electric whip and Tran Minh Quoc, his deputy, pointed a pistol to his head.

According to Ngan, Quoc kept his left arm handcuffed and locked it to a chair, and asked him to write reports following what Quoc read and only let him go home at 11 p.m.

Ngan did not mention the content of the report.

He said he had many bruises on his body, and the pain made it hard to breathe, so his family brought him to Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital in Da Lat Town. He has been recovering there ever since. He has hired a lawyer for the case.

Sy on Thursday rejected Ngan's accusations of being hit, electrocuted and having a gun pointed to his head.

"Ngan was drunk, and he swore at and hindered police officers from carrying out their duty and opposed them, so they handcuffed and took him to the police station. There was only a small fight and [police] only forced Ngan to sit down but did not hit him.

"If Ngan had bruises or something, perhaps it was due to his falling somewhere and we don't know about that," Sy added.

Tran Nhu Dung, chairman of Xuan Truong People's Committee, said he had received reports from commune police and is waiting for verification from Ngan after he is discharged from the hospital.

Colonel Nguyen Dinh Long, head of the Da Lat Town police department, told Thanh Nien via phone that he had yet to receive reports on the case, but promised to "strictly punish" the involved police officers if they are wrong.

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