Cop detained after indiscriminate shooting insures two women

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A police officer in southern Vietnam has been suspended and detained for investigation Monday, a week after he fired shots to allegedly disperse people gambling inside a house and wounded two bystanders.

The victims, Nguyen Thi Ngot and Tran Thi Kim Hong, both 35, were not playing the game and were just standing outside the house in Thuan Giao Commune, Binh Duong Province, the local newswire Vnexpress reported.

Seven people were playing inside the house on the second day of the Lunar New Year.

“After the second shot, I felt my back hurt, my entire body went numb and I fell down. Only when I woke up in the hospital did I know that I had been shot and almost killed,” Hong said. She has a bullet lodged next to her spinal column and is being treated at Binh Duong General Hospital.

The bullet damaged the nerves controlling her left leg and arm, doctors said. Hong has no feeling in her left leg, yet.

Nguyen Thi Van, Hong’s aunt, said “I just thought some truck tire had exploded. But then I heard shouting, children crying and I saw Hong lying on the front yard, holding a child. Ngot was lying unconscious in a pool of blood.”

Hong said she was had her back turned to the house, so the baby was protected. “Otherwise, the baby would have been shot.”

Ngot has been admitted to the Cho Ray Hospital in the neighboring Ho Chi Minh City with more serious injuries.

Cho Ray doctors said Ngot was shot from close range. The bullet went through her hip, causing holes in her stomach and cutting the large intestine.

Binh Duong authorities have given Ngot’s family VND10 million (US$537) to meet medical expenses.

The policeman’s name and more details about the incident have not been released.

Thuan An District police have said they are investigating the case further. While officials declined to answer questions about the incident, a source told Thanh Nien that the case was reported as “a policeman shot into the air and misfired, slightly injuring two civilians.”

Source: Thanh Nien

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