Cop arrested for man's killing in gambling-den raid

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The Bac Giang Province police have arrested an officer for the death of a man during a raid on a gambling den last Monday (December 10) as there still has been controversy over his alleged shooting and handcuffing of the victim.

Police in Bo Ha Town's Yen The District arrested 30 people in the gambling den, but Bui Van Loi, 45, fled into a nearby field.

The local media quoted the police as saying that Sergeant Major Nguyen Duy Tung, 23, an officer in the raiding team who chased after him, fired three warning shots but Loi did not stop.

Loi fell and Tung caught up with him, but his gun went off by accident and Loi was shot in the left shoulder.    

He was rushed to a clinic but could not be saved.

Tien Phong newspaper quoted the autopsy report as saying a bullet had entered Loi's left shoulder, hit and broke a rib, punctured the heart and a lung, and exited through the right shoulder.

Asked by Thanh Nien the next day (December 11), Colonel Nguyen Van Chuc, a spokesman for the Bac Giang police, said he could not say if Tung had shot Loi before or after handcuffing him because he had yet to receive a report on the case.

Two witnesses provided Thanh Nien with contradictory details of the shooting, but agreed on the fact that Loi was shot and handcuffed in the field.

But, in a bizarre twist, Chuc said Loi had not been handcuffed at all until his relatives demanded that the police put handcuffs on his body before the autopsy.

Doctors at the clinic and Van Duc Giang, the driver of the ambulance that took Loi there, backed his version, telling Tien Phong that they had not seen handcuffs on Loi's hands during the time he was carried onto the vehicle to when he arrived at the clinic.

Chuc said on December 14 Tung would be held for three months pending investigation into his actions.


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Tung has been questioned.

Under Vietnamese Law, an officer found guilty of killing someone except under circumstances allowed by the law can get up to seven years in jail.   

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