Convicted thief gets job as guard to steal again

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A 28-year-old man who completed a jail term for thievery in June found a job as a guard and managed to steal a company's properties, police say.


Dong Nai Police on September 9 detained Dinh Van Thuong and four others on charges of stealing and selling electrical appliances belonging to the Viet Long Packaging Company in the province's Nhon Trach District.


Thuong applied for a job with a local security company as Le Doan Yen on August 31.


After he was given the job, he asked the security firm to assign him to Viet Long instead of the firm he was assigned to at first, explaining that he lived near the company and had no motorbike to get to work from far away.


On September 2, Thuong asked two of his accomplices to jump the company wall and steal the its electric appliances. The three men then took a taxi to Ho Chi Minh City and sold the appliances for VND72 million (US$3,461).


The Viet Long Company blamed the theft on the security firm and the latter asked the police to investigate the crime.


Nhon Trach Police, acting in in coordination with the Ministry of Public Security's Crime Branch Police, arrested the three men on September 8.

Nguyen Trieu Hung of HCMC, who bought the stolen electric appliances, as also arrested the same day.

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