Cockfighting raid nets 98 arrests in southern Vietnam

TN News

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Police have arrested 98 people in Ho Chi Minh City in a bust of a cockfighting ring.

However, alleged organizers, Dang Thanh Giang, Truong Van Hieu and Nguyen Bao Khanh escaped the raid in Hoc Mon District Thursday.

According to police, more than 150 people were gambling at the time of the raid, but due to the surrounding river and canals, many suspects managed to flee, despite the firing of warning shots.

Police said they confiscated more than VND70 million (US$3,300) in cash, as well as evidence.

The suspects told police that about 20 fights were organized per day, with hundreds of millions of dong changing hands. Meanwhile, initial police findings alleged that approximately 200 people visited the den each day, and that the trio of suspected organizers also ran two other rings nearby.

The investigation is ongoing.

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