Clip on bear bile consumption to air on Vietnam TV

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An advertisement aims to reduce consumption of bear bile will be broadcast on television channels accross Vietnam this week, according to the NGO Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV).

The clip features a doctor visiting a patient. Before she was admited to the hospital, the patient had used bear bile to treat her illness but her condition did not improve.

The doctor warns her that bear bile is not a miracle drug and urges other people to seek professional medical help rather than relying on ineffective traditional forms of medicine like bear bile.

The clip, available only in Vietnamese, can be watched on on YouTube at

Most people quit using bear bile when they realize it is not effective, according to a recent survey conducted by ENV.


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"Bear bile is not a magical medicine" says Tran Viet Hung, vice director of ENV. "Moreover, the bear bile industry and those who support this industry are directly responsible for the hunting, trade, and near extinction of bears across Vietnam."

Hung urged the public to get involved, noting that nearly 100,000 people have already pledged not to use bear bile as part of ENV's ongoing campaign to end bear farming and trade.

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