Cleaver killer hangs self in prison outside Hanoi

By Viet Hai-Hai Sam , Thanh Nien News

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Pham Duy Quy at a police station on August 3. Photo: Viet Hai Pham Duy Quy at a police station on August 3. Photo: Viet Hai


The northern Vietnamese man who slashed his grandmother, parents and a cousin to death in their home outside Hanoi hung himself to death in his cell on Monday.
Pham Duy Quy, 21, allegedly killed himself with a mosquito net in his cell at Kim Chi Prison in Hai Duong Province at 3:35 p.m., according to a statement issued by the provincial police.
A prison guard cut him down and administered first aid, but he was already dead.
Quy was brought to the prison after he turned himself in to the local police for killing four members of his family. He reportedly asked the officers to give him the death penalty. 
The Saturday night murder rocked the rural commune of Phuong Hoang in Hai Duong’s Thanh Ha District. Pham Duy Quy's motive remains unclear.
According to police, at around 7:50 p.m. Quy picked up a cleaver-like knife used to chop firewood in the kitchen, walked to the front door of his house and repeatedly hacked at his 82-year old grandmother, Nguyen Thi Lan, until she collapsed.
He then rushed to the kitchen and cut down his father Pham Duy Tuan, 50, before running to the bathroom where he killed his mother Nguyen Thi Thom, 46, using the same knife.
Quy then ran out of his house where he encountered his cousin Pham Thi Hang, 27, who lived next door and killed her too.

The knife Quy used to slash his family

Several neighbors rushed to the house after they heard the screams, but Quy had fled the scene on his motorbike.
Commune police alerted to the killing arrived at the crime scene at the same moment Quy arrived at the police station in Thanh Ha District to turn himself in.
Quy allegedly fell off the bike on the way to the station, dropping the knife onto the street. After he righted his bike and drove on, a group of locals picked up the knife on the road and brought it to police.
On Sunday morning, Thanh Nien reporters were permitted to interview Quy at the station.
Much to their surprise, Quy was calm, as if nothing had happened.
He told reporters he rarely talked to his father and his parents did not scold him. He explained that he slashed his cousin because he did not like her and felt annoyed to see her.
Quy said he played video games non-stop from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday at an internet shop before he committed the mass killing. He'd also played games the previous day.
Luu Thi Chin, a resident in Phuong Hoang Commune, told Thanh Nien that Thom (Quy’s mother) complained that Quy had skipped his high school classes to play games on numerous occasions.
She said Quy exhibited signs of mental illness, which prevented him from attending college.
Quy rarely talked to other people and appeared stressed, she said.
Tuan (Quy’s father) was the chief militiaman in their commune.

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