City sees more violence from armed gangs

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Police in Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday caught nine men involved in the second gun fight around town in half a month.

The detained gang members are: Luong Hoang Son, 50, Tran Van Quang, 43, Hoang Xuan Nam, 39, Hoang Dinh Trung, 30, Nguyen Dang Trung and Vo Manh Long, both 24, Mai Ngoc Toan and Nguyen Viet Thang, both 23, and Le Nguyen Phong, 22.

Trung is the leader of the gang that brought guns and knives to attack and severely injure two men Dang Van Cuong, 25, and Tran Duc Vinh at Vinh's café in Thu Duc District Saturday.

Investigators said the gang arrived in a car and three motorbikes. They were heavily armed and no customers dared intervene when they beat Cuong with canes and stabbed him with knives until the man collapsed unconscious. Vinh was injured in the head when he tried to stop them.

The gang fled immediately but local residents managed to stop some of them outside the café.

Most of the gang members are from the northern province of Nam Dinh and Thanh Hoa, while Trung and Thang are from Ha Tinh Province in the central region. Toan is from Ba Ria-Vung Tau on the southern coast and Phong from Dong Nai Province neighboring HCMC.

Trung had a conflict with Cuong and got his friends to teach the latter a lesson.

Police seized two guns, knives, cans and tear gas sprayersk. No gunshot was reported.

A local police officer who didn't want to be named said the case was "serious" as it involved gang attack and guns. They are investigating it further, he added.

The city police are still working on another case in which a group armed with guns fought another armed with knives on March 8 on the East-West Highway. One man was severely cut in the fight and a small restaurant had its glass door broken with a gun shot.

Five men from the two gangs have been caught so far.

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