City promises to clear green fences for Tet season

TN News

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The Ho Chi Minh City Transport Department said all digging work on the streets will be stopped and green fences removed to allow for free flow of traffic during the Lunar New Year season, which falls February 3.


The department said the work for different infrastructure projects in the city will cease between January 18 and February 10, to clean up the city and facilitate transport during the first days of the Year of Rabbit, according to Chinese calendar.


Contractors are to return the digging spots to their previous condition, including refilling the holes, by January 26, the department said.


While digging up the city roads for different hygiene and water projects, the contractors put up green fences around the roads that have gridlocked traffic on many streets and caused several accidents as well.


Project contractors had recently said that the green fences, many of which have been standing since 2005, are going to stay for years to come.


In several other areas where construction has been completed, the area inside the green fences have sunk because the restoration work has been shoddy.

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