City factory fakes imported cosmetic brands

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Police in Ho Chi Minh City on Friday found a lot of fake imported cosmetics, shampoos and shower creams made with chemicals bought at a wholesale market in the city.

A factory raid found some people mixing chemicals to pour into used empty bottles of shampoo, creams and other cosmetic products.

Investigators said the factory bought material from the Kim Bien Market, a major chemical supplier in the city.

People at the factory also did the bottling, pasted an anti-fake stamp and the label of Thanh Truc Cosmetics Production and Commerce, Ltd. on each bottle before they were sold as imported items.

The police have sealed 2,200 cosmetics bottles of different brands such as Young One, Mena, See Na, hundreds of shampoo and shower cream bottles, besides dozens of thousands of empty bottles waiting to be filled.

According to a local police officer, the factory, owned by Tran Dinh Ngoc, had been licensed to distribute several cosmetics products from Thailand and Malaysia.

But for the past one year, Ngoc had stopped importing products and had workers make the products with cheap chemicals at home, he said.

The products were mostly sold to workers at industrial zones, poor residential areas and newly-opened shops.

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