City driver nabbed after stealing forgotten money

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A Mai Linh taxi driver in Ho Chi Minh City was detained Sunday for stealing money a passenger left in his trunk.

The money, including VND140 million (US$7,525) and $1,000 in cash, was returned the same day to the owner Luu Cam Thanh after the city police finished investigating the case.

Nguyen Tan Phu, 28, taxi driver of the country’s leading transporter Mai Linh Corporation, has been detained.

Police say that after Phu found the money in the bag the passenger forgot, he took it and gave it to his wife Quyen and the sister-in-law Cuc and asked them to hide it.

Quyen and Cuc used VND39 million and $500 to buy things for Tet. The rest was kept at Cuc’s house in District 8.

Initial investigations have revealed that Phuc drove Thanh and his family on February 12 from Binh Chanh District to District 5. As Thanh was holding on to the bag tightly, Phuc guessed there was something valuable inside. He asked Thanh to leave the bag in the trunk to have more space for people to sit. When they arrived at Thanh’s company, he was in a hurry and forgot his bag in the trunk.

Phu carried several more passengers later so he could blame them for taking the bag, police said.

Thanh called Mai Linh after realizing his loss.

Mai Thong Nhat, a local police officer, said they will only fine Phuc as Thanh has withdrawn his complaint.

Source: Thanh Nien

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